First time in India, we are offering zero tax for exports

You can select any bundle and get it shipped to any country outside India to save GST (tax).

 How it works

  1. We are licensed to export textile products like sarees, salwar suits, kurtis to 67 countries
  2. We have obtained the valid license by signing a letter of undertaking with the government of India
  3. For all the export done, we  are allowed to pass on the benefit of no-tax to our customers

 How it benefits you

  1. If you are are a reseller or having a clothing shop outside of India – then any purchase that you do with us saves tax for you
  2. Minimum you can save 5% on each order. For few items you can save upto 12% tax too
  3. This zero tax scheme should benefit you to get more margin on your sales

Our trade license number:  AAPFB5832Q

To know more details, call us on +91-7736010203 now