UNO club is an exclusive group where you get direct mentoring & support to sell your products.

We will provide you a seller panel access and you can list and sell the products to any customer in India. Your products will be listed on

We want you to decide how many pieces you can sell per month & then get our support in reaching that sales target.

There are 100s of marketplaces in India that will help you list your products - but we want to take this opportunity to the next level. To become a marketplace that can guarantee your sales.

You will be automatically added to the UNO group once you complete a free booking


The participants in the group will be

1. You and your business partner

2. Our regional executive

3. Our sales head

4. Our customer relations head


If your shipments are complicated or orders are delayed beyond our SLAs, we will add our dispatch manager to the UNO group till the issue is resolved and rectified.


We have regional support available in the following areas. Support hours 10AM to 7PM IST.

Andhra Pradesh 8606920825
Gujarat 8606920824
Haryana 8089342647
Karnataka 9961265890
Kerala 8606920825
Kolkata 8606920824
Madhya Pradesh 8606920825
Maharashtra 8606915371
 New Delhi 8606920824
Punjab 8606915371
Rajasthan 8606915372
Tamil Nadu 8089342647
Telengana 8606920825
Uttar Pradesh 8089342647
Rest of India 7736010203
Rest Of World 7736002007