10 catalog shipping


We are committed to provide the lowest shipping rates in the country. Thats why we have special package for all our customers

The more you buy together, the less you need to pay for shipping.

All ELITE1 members have free shipping option, but what if you are not an ELITE1 customer?

The option is to use these coupon codes to avail shipping benefits

1. Use coupon: SHIPTEN for 10 catalog orders

2. Use coupon: SHIPNINE for 9 catalog orders

3. Use coupon: SHIPEIGHT for 8 catalog orders

4. Use coupon: SHIPSEVEN for 7 catalog orders

5. Use coupon: SHIPSIX for 6 catalog orders


If you are an elite1 customer - use coupon SHIPTWO for unlimted free shipping on all 2+ catalog orders

 Kindly get in touch with our sales executives (10am to 6pm weekdays) for more information, terms and conditions.

Note this facility is available during our office hours Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm & Saturday 10am to 2pm only

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