If you are a manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler or trader in Indian Ethnic Apparels (Sarees, Salwar Suits, Lehanga Choli, Kurtis, Gowns) then you can get your products listed on our group websites

You can list wholesale catalogs on EthnicSmart.com

What all you need to do ?

  1. Register as a vendor by clicking here
  2. Keep your brand name as the vendor id. All small letter, no spaces (for eg: If your brand name is shree fashion then choose vendor id as shree_fashion)
  3. Your homepage will be www.ethnicsmart.com/vendorid (eg: www.ethnicsmart.com/shree_fashion)
  4. Call or whatsapp us for support  -  ph: 8347537659 (click to chat now)

Why Sign Up with us ?

  1. Completely free product uploads
  2. Dedicated Seller Support
  3. Fully committed team to boost your sales
  4. There are no monthly rentals or hidden charges
  5. Customer base of 36000+ retail shops ready to buy your catalogs

Pricing ?

  1. Commission Pricing: Here you can list the product at your own MRP. This model will protect your brand pricing across other online marketplaces. We charge 5% commission for monthly sales upto 25 Lakhs.
  2. Shipping charges will be borne by us.
  3. Keep your selling price at par with market price. If your rates are higher, then chances of sales are low.

Eg: You list the product at Rs10000, on sale we will pay you Rs9500. We charge 5% of 10000 = Rs500

How to upload products ?

  1. Refer this pdf on how to upload products - download pdf