1. Create new trends - promote these products with your customers. Show them whats #trending in ethnic wear today. Become an ambassador for the newest trends in the country and get goodwill from your customers.

2. Fashion First - All new catalogs from Surat launches in this category. Most often we see resellers enquiring catalogs that are 2 to 3 months old. This basically happens when they are not aware of the new launches in the industry.

3. Lesser Stock issues - Items from this category will not have stock issues. For every 100 kurti catalogs launched 90% of them will be L,XL,XXL. All other sizes combined make up for the last 10%. The best time to take orders is within the first 5 days of launch, thereby guaranteeing the sizes you request.

4. Easy to sell items - Show these to your customers & they will fall in love with these items. The catalogs which are new are having 200% more probability to generate interests. This is because your customers would have not seen these yet. Ask them for an order & see the response yourselves.


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