Free Shipping is applicable on orders with 3 or more catalogs together. Use coupon: FREESHIP

To get shipping discount on 2 catalog purchase use coupon: SHIPME

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Note: When free shipping offer is availed, all the catalogs will be shipped together in a single package. If there are catalogs that are not ready to ship, then the entire shipment will be delayed till the final catalog is arranged. 

If any of the items are cancelled by the vendor citing stock issues, we will honor the free shipping offer for the rest of the catalogs

If you had requested to do a partial shipment due to urgeny, then the first batch of shipment will be honored with the free shipping offer. whereas the 2nd batch shipment fees of Rs299 per catalog will be applicable.

As per state government laws, paperwork and forms might be required for inward parcels - click here to see the applicable forms for your state. 

Free shipping coupon is only valid for items ordered from Surat. Items ordered from Mumbai, Delhi or Tamil Nadu or Ahmedabad suppliers do not qualify for free shipping offer. The not-applicable products are  a. click here, b. click here, c. click here, d. click here

See the list of serviceable pincodes by fedex, click here to view them.