There is a 1% possibility of getting defects or damages even for branded items. This is because part of the production process is still manual esp quality check process by the manufacturers.

For products like mobile phones or computers the quality check are fully automated. Whereas for dress materials automated QC is impossible, it has to be done manually by trained personnel. Most big manufacturers will have dedicated team to perform QC during packing & sorting. Meanwhile small scale manufacturers may not be able to afford for dedicated team hence they skip the QC part.

First Time in India an extra QC done by a distributor

Extra QC is a special initiative from our side to perform a thorough/rigorous inspection for any possible defect or damage. We open each piece performs the check, repack & ship them. We have set up a dedicated team to do this activity under technical supervision. So there is a 0% probability that a defect/damage goes unnoticed.

The average time taken is 45 to 50 minutes per bundle. The maximum a staff can do is 6 to 7 bundles per day. Due to the effort taken, this activity is chargeable. Our QC process is a valuable add-on pack for you, it will cost you approx 60 INR for a 2500 INR item. During the purchase you have the option to select extra QC = yes or no.

There are basically 2 major work flows if the extra QC is opted.


  1. Item does not have any defect/damage
  2. Repacking is done
  3. Shipping is processed


  1. Item has damage
  2. Customer is informed on the nature of damage via email/sms/whatsapp
  3. Customer decides
    1. Get partial shipping for QC passed items
    2. Or wait for replacement of damage items
    3. Repacking is done
    4. Shipping is processed

If the QC isn’t opted you can still return the item on damages or defect, Refer our basic terms & conditions – click here to know more


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