Invitations started for a whole new level of premium experience. Only for the best & top 10% of our customers. ELITE1 - mega whole purchase pack. Get year long discounts in addition with the regular discounts coupon.

For eg: If a regular customer is entitled for a free shipping option, then you as an ELITE1 customer will be eligible for 10% discounts + free shipping (if the discounts are set at 10% based on your monthly business volume). 

The discounts are set to increase incrementally as the volume of purchase goes up month on month. This system is to separate the emerging & performing retailers from rest of the herd, so that our top executives & leadership team can spend quality time with the people that are important.

The discounts slab will be setup to your login id. Once you login you can see the prices slashed.

If you are serious about your business & would like to build it big time, we request you to fill up the form below.