You can do catalog booking for FREE.

If you have a non-confirmed order, it is better to book your order right away, start marketing this catalog in your customer base. 

Click & download step by step instructions here  - download guide


You need to select "Book Now Pay Later" and just place the order.

 As soon as your order is logged, the manufacturer counts that as a booking and keeps the stock.

 Payment can be done within 2 to 5 days as and when your customer confirms.


Bookings will ensure your catalogs are reserved till your customer confirms the order with you. if you customer is not interested, then do not make payment & the booking will get automatically cancelled.

Why you need to book bundles and keep?

1. You may not be sure if your customer buys the item. Since cancellations are free, there is no harm in doing a booking.

2. You get 5 days to do campaigns and sell the catalog. If you are not able to get enough orders you can cancel the booking.

3. You need to get the ready to ship time from the brand. Before making the payment, you would need to know how soon the item will reach you. If your customers are not ready to wait - then you can cancel for free.

4. You need to know the requested quantity are available or not. For eg: you might need 4 catalogs, but the brand has only 3 left - so you can inform your customers and pick 3 items from us.

5. You need to know the best discounts. There are discounts available from 2% to 15% on each catalog. This varies as per the brand, manufacturer and dealer. So before making the payment you would like to negotiate for the best price.

WhatsApp your regional support manager

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