Need bank loans to start/expand your business?

We are now helping you secure finance from major banks in India.

There are few formalities/documentations to be completed to avail the bank loans at attractive interest rates.


Who can apply?

  1. All registered shops & boutiques
  2. If you are planning to open a shop in the next 3 months
  3. If you are renovating your existing shop
  4. If you are opening up a new branch in another location


Who cannot apply?

  1. If annual sales is less than Rs1,00,000 or approx less than 10 bundles


What type of loans is approved?

A>    Govt: of India sanctioned mudra loans – refer here


For detailed formalities: Contact us (11am to 7pm)

Andhra Pradesh 9427976678

Assam 8606915372

Bihar 8606915372

Gujarat 8606920824

Haryana 8089342647

Himachal Pradesh 8606915372

Karnataka 9481099873

Kashmir 8606915372

Kerala 8606920825

Kolkata 8606920824

Madhya Pradesh 8606920825

Maharashtra 8606915371

New Delhi 8606920824

Orissa 9481099873

Punjab 8606915371

Rajasthan 8606915372

Tamil Nadu 8089342647

Telangana 9427976678

Uttar Pradesh 8089342647

Rest 7736010203