Special offer codes for the upcoming days ! 

Coupon Code Description Applicable products link
TUE361 Use coupon: TUE361 on Jul 25 click here 
WED761 Use coupon: WED761 on Jul 26 click here 
THU162 Use coupon: THU162 on Jul 27 click here
FRI531 Use coupon: FRI531 on Jul 28 click here
SAT490 Use coupon: SAT490 on Jul 29 click here
SUN639 Use coupon: SUN639 on Jul 30 click here


Our Regular Coupon codes

1. Use code SHIPME for 2+ bundle orders - this will effectively reduce the shipping costs to Rs125 per bundle - see terms and conditions

2. Use code FREESHIP for 3+ bundle orders - this will reduce the shipping costs to zero - see terms and conditions

3. Use code KURTI to get any kurti bundle shipped at Rs120 in India

4. Use code SMART to get any triplet shipped at Rs149 in India

You can enter this coupon code in the step 3 of check out page, see green arrow belowcoupon code application

How to get the coupon codes?

  1. Whatsapp – click here to get new launch alerts. Choose your regional support number and send a “hello” message to subscribe
  2. Live-Chat – Just send a “hi” message on the blue chat button on bottom-right corner of this page. & we will send you that day’s launch.